Our History

Realising the opportunity that exists to make a high quality sparkling wine in the South East of England, I returned to higher education to study viticulture at Plumpton College. On completion I knew my passion lay in in the cultivation and harvesting of grapes and set out to find a family home with land suitable for my intended journey. After a year of searching we found the perfect site in the small East Sussex village of Blackboys and on the 1st May 2007 we planted 2 hectares of vines (45% Chardonnay, 45% Pinot Noir and 10% Pinot Meunier). Seventeen different combinations of varietal, clone and rootstock were carefully researched and selected bringing the required complexity to our wines from a comparatively small scale planting.

Our boutique size allows me to complete all the tasks in the vineyard myself, from evaluating each individual vine during pruning through to loading each basket of harvested grapes into the press.

With our newly constructed on-site pressing centre and winery, the time from picking to pressing is a matter of minutes, ensuring minimum degradation of our precious bounty.

The old adage says 'small and perfectly formed' - our vineyard’s size and location means we can personally carry out all the tasks through the vineyard year. For us, this was crucial in order to be totally in control of the development of the vines and ultimately, the wines.

With Blackboys Vineyard being a 24/7 family run operation, it allows us the attention to detail which impacts directly on the outstanding quality of the finished product.

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